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2018 Winterblast Update

Winter blast is a weekend getaway for the teens throughout the Toronto churches, as well as our friends from other churches, to come together and learn about God, while also having fun and building and growing in our friendships with each other.

The theme this year was CrossFit and we talked about being spiritually fit for God. All the lessons for the disciples, the men, women and the quiet times for those who are not disciples yet, were all very insightful and I can guarantee that everyone took AT LEAST one thing from the amazing lessons we had that weekend. They also made us do squats before the lesson and did the Amazing Race as an outdoor activity, so we became physically fit as well. Winter blast is a great experience for any teen, regardless of where they are in their faith. There is so much room for curiosity, learning and developing new understandings through the lessons and from simply talking to the other teens.

Winter blast gives us a chance interact with other teens who share the struggles of having faith in a high school, as well as have wholesome fun with each other. There are so many great memories that came from Winterblast and it was all through our bonds with God that we able to develop deeper relationships with one another. Sadly, this year was my last year at winter blast however, I, as well as the other teens in the church, are very grateful to the church for giving us the opportunity to go and hope that other teens in our church who have not gone to winter blast yet can consider it.

Kristina Achempong, Milestone High School Ministry
Photo credit: Shannon Robbins Photography

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